Guess what the fastest-growing job market in India is?

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if you guessed it as AI, Data Science or Software Engineer you are wrong!

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The fastest-growing job market is a Lawyers specialising in False accusations!

In the last 20 years, Indian govt has rolled out numerous “women-oriented” laws like 498A, — Dowry Harassment, Domestic Violence, Molestation, Sexual Assualt and so on.

Are these laws are non-bailable and non-compoundable.

Meaning once someone files a Molestation case on you, you will automatically be arrested and sent to remand for 15 days.

Once you are in remand, the judge can choose to start hearing your case, however, given the fact that Indian judiciary is one of the slowest and drowning under 5 Crore cases, the chance of you getting speedy trial is very low.

However, one saving grace, all these women-oriented laws have extremely low convictions less than 1% of the 2 Lakhs cases filed in India.

Every other crime / case category has over 10% conviction rate ( except for money-laundering which has nearly zero rate , but thats a differnt story )

Now, why would a lawyer support his female-client to file a case against a man when they know that the conviction is less than 1% ??

Does he not know that Judges are so biased against poor women?

Why do they force women to fight the cases in the first place?

Sad, sad, very sad, only 1 % ? India is surely a land of Rape ! Ahem

The media wants you to believe all Women, then why aren’t the courts believing her ???

Here’s where the real magic lies?

Every lawyer knows that any case in India ( except for VIPs ) takes years to clear, so they want the MEN to suffer on “punishment by trial”. Lawyers know the trails will drag on years and years so you waste your time ,money and mental peace in this process. Thats the punishment you get basically.

The Modus Operandi:

A woman- an ex-wife, ex-lover, a scammer, your maid heck any female who is not your mom can file any of those or all of the “Woman oriented” cases against you.

Ex-Fiances have filed cases under dowry harassment

Ex-lovers have filed cases under rape

so its a free-for-all for women!

Her lawyer knows which are the best cases to file against you and

They never file all the cases at once and They file one case as a teaser and now the extortion starts.

Depending on your financial status, the extortion can be from 10 Lakhs -1 Crore.

Once a case is filed against you, You will get a lot of calls from Mahila NGOs asking you to “settle the case”

Now you must be wondering why the Mahila NGO want you to settle!

Here’s the real back-story

Once a woman approaches a lawyer, she gets counselled by lawyers to inflict maximum damage.

The lawyers have a lobby with NGOs, Police, Media, Politicians and even judges which are designed to work against you.

You now have two options, you can either settle the case by paying the extortion money or start fighting the case.

If you choose to settle and pay the money, the lawyer and his syndicate ( NGOs, Media police and politicians) get a share in your extortion money ( lawyers upfront make it clear that they need 50% of what women get from you)


you can fight the case and lose your career, peace of mind, some times your parents, and even your life ( if you commit suicide ).

Heads I win, tails you lose, Checkmate! mate!

You must be wondering why the NGOs, Media, police and politicians need to be paid, here’s’ why

The Mahila NGOs are the on-ground warriors fighting for women’s rights

The media are the ones that are covering this protest and creating a narrative in your mind that women are the victims who need constant protection.

The politicians are the ones passing these anti-male laws clearly knowing the ground reality very well.

The police want their cut too so that they can play mum to the cries of men and arrest them under false cases which they willingly know are false and pretend to be doing their duty.

Now without the pressure of the Media and Mahila NGOs, these Anti-Male laws cannot sustain for long.

So the system needs these Mahila NGOs to fight on the street continuously so that even the Supreme court throws out the constitution into the dust-bin and forgets its duty to protect the basic liberties of its citizens.

Some crooked judges slow down the process of your acquittal so that you suffer “punishment by trial”.

In the last 10 years over 10 lakh men were tried and acquitted of various Women-friendly laws.

Most of them have chosen the easy option of settling down and giving into the extortion, which fuels the extortion racket further and further.

For the last 10 years, many PILs have been filed to make these cases bailable and fair (i.e no assumed to be guilty by default ) however, any time a judge decides to make them bailable, an NGO comes out in massive protest.

Media houses go on full “Is India a land of rape ?” mode

Except for the crimes against women, the only cases that are usually non-bailable are the ones filed against suspect terrorists.

So if you killed a man, you get bail

If you commit theft, you get bail.

If you kidnap a man, you get bail.

if you tricked and looted someone’s property, you get bail.

If you are an accused in any of the “women friendly” laws your name pictures etc can be published in media ( forget about conviction) even a mere accusation is enough for media to start ruining your reputation.

However if a woman is convicted of false-accusation, there is no punishment ,her name or picture is never printed in any media or shared on whatsapp channels !

In India, the punishment is simply a sorry or a fine of 100 Rs/-

Now you must be wondering why the extortion limit is 10 lakhs-1crore.

Here’s the real kicker

The crime syndicate ( NGOs, Lawyers and Police) doesn’t work out profitable if the payout is less than 10 lakhs so filing a false case against a daily wage labourer is useless, so no lawyer picks your case if you a poor woman who is actually harassed.

Not just that, The NGOs use pictures of suicides of the poor-women who are raped/harassed etc to fuel their agenda for women-friendly laws,

In a crooked way, they want some women to suffer so that they can continue this fight for keeping the Anti-Male laws.

Similarly, filing a case against Rich is useless, as they can fight it effectively.

No cases are filed against Powerful ( politicians, police, lawyers, NGOs, Media, bureaucrats who all have nexus ) as no lawyer will even take up these cases.

So the sweet spot for filing false accusations is the hard-working middle-class man aka bali-ka-bakra.

Of the 2 lakh false accusations filed against Indian Men annually, currently, 90% of cases fall under this category, while they only form 10% of the Indian population ( men with 5 Lakh- 50 Lakh annual income ).

If you are a hard-working middle-class man, congratulations!

The system works against you!

The system runs on your tax money, but works against you !

Be Scared , be very scared !



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